Herbs or shrubs, differing from the last genus in the calyx, which enlarges after the expansion of the flower, and ultimately becomes much inflated, and encloses the baccate fruit. The anthers, too, open by longitudinal chinks instead of terminal pores. With the exception of one European species these plants are from tropical or sub-tropical regions, occurring in both the Old and New Worlds. The name is from 4 Physalis 314 a bladder, the form of the mature calyx.

1. Ph. Alkekengi. Winter Cherry. - A dwarf branching perennial with geminate ovate entire acute leaves and solitary axillary small white flowers on slender peduncles. Calyx assuming a reddish tinge, and enclosing the scarlet berries, which persist a great part of the Winter. A native of Central and Southern Europe.

Ph. edulis, the Cape Gooseberry, is nothing but Ph. Peruviana, and is not indigenous at the Cape of Good Hope. This species is occasionally grown, and will ripen its fruit against a wall of southern aspect.