A large genus of evergreens from the most distant parts of the globe. Flowers white or red, axillary or racemose. Calyx often fleshy, enlarging after the expansion of the flowers. Corolla urceolate, the small lobes slightly recurved. Stamens 10. Fruit '5-celled, splitting through the back of the cells, enclosed in the fleshy calyx. Named in honour of a Canadian physician.

1. G. procumbens. - A diminutive plant, usually less than 6 inches high. Leaves lanceolate, serrate. Flowers white, pendulous, axillary. Fruit scarlet, edible.

2. 0. Shallon. - A shrub 3 or 4 feet high. Leaves nearly sessile, ovate-cordate, acute, ciliate, serrate. Flowers white. Fruit purple. Both this and the foregoing species are from North America, and produce edible fruit known under various names.

Epigoea repens is a trailing evergreen from North America having sweet-scented white or pink flowers.

Pernettya mucronata, speciosa, and angustifolia, natives of the extreme South of America, are small evergreen shrubs having narrow coriaceous leaves and white pendulous flowers distinguished by the ten glands which alternate with the stamens.