Tall shrubby herbs with yellow or vermilion juice. Leaves large, lobed. Flowers small, numerous, in large terminal panicles. Sepals 2, petaloid. Petals none. Stamens numerous. Capsule stipitate, oblong, few-seeded. Named in honour of a

Sicilian botanist. These plants are grown more for their ornamental habit and foliage than their flowers.

1. B. cordata, syn. Macleaya cordata. - This is the original hardy species, a native of China.

2. B. Japonica. - A handsomer plant than the foregoing. It has large oblong glaucous leaves, deeply lobed and cordate at the base. Both grow from 4 to 6 feet high, and form very striking objects in the garden. Probably a variety of the foregoing. There are two other species, from the West Indies and Mexico.