Half-hardy climbing herbaceous perennials, usually treated as annuals for open-air culture. Leaves hairy, simple, cordate or triangular, coarsely toothed, petiolate. Flowers large, showy, solitary, axillary. Calyx ample, 5-lobed, herbaceous. Corolla tubular-campanulate; limb of 5 spreading lobes. Capsule 2-celled, each cell opening by an irregular pore below the apex. Seeds fringed, whence the name, from 8 Lophospermum 327 a crest, and 8 Lophospermum 328 a seed. There are two or three Mexican species.

1. L. scandens. - Leaves deltoid or cordate, irregularly and coarsely toothed, slightly pubescent, petioles long. Flowers glabrous, deep rosy purple. L. Hendersoni, with violet-purple flowers striped or spotted with white, is probably a variety.

2. L. erubescens. - A similar plant with large triangular coarsely-toothed hairy leaves and large rosy red velvety flowers.