Some remarks having appeared in a late number about roses then in bloom, I took pains to go to-day (Nov. 16) round the rose, quarters in Mr. Epps' nursery, at Maidstone, and found the following fully in bloom. I would remark, however, that the ground is considerably elevated, and the subsoil limestone, covered with a strong, friable loam. These circumstances are, no doubt, favorable to late blooms of every kind, as well as of the rose. On the contrary, in Mr. Epps' nursery, at Ashford, which is in a level country, the roses are all quite out of flower. Whoever, then, has a rosery on an elevated situation, may plant the same sorts of roses, and expect blooms late in the autumn.

Hoses in bloom, November 16th; Gloire de Dijon, Comte de Paris, Souvenir de Malmaison, Dupetit Thouars, La Biche, Comte de Nanteuil, Armosa, Duchesse d'Orleans, Devoniensis, Bourbon Queen, Aimee Vibert, Solfaterre, Safrano, Mrs. Bosanquet, Abricot, Sir. J. Paxton, and several others in bud. - T. A., in London Florist.