The Aphis is one of the most annoying insects that the gardener has to contend with, especially under glass. Fortunately, the Aphis is measurably under our control; tobacco smoke, whale oil soap, etc., when promptly applied, are always effective, though they can not be considered very elegant applications. The Aphis, however, has during the past season made its appearance out of doors in truly formidable numbers, and any new remedy, being equally effective with tobacco, but cheaper and more cleanly, will be welcomed by all. Such a remedy Mr. Jules Delaleux, in a recent number of the Revue Horticole, claims to have discovered. It consists simply of the smoke of rosin, a substance that is cheap and within the reach of all. He says, "For some time the great majority of horticulturists engaged in the cultivation of Peach trees have employed for the destruction of the green fly, which commits a great deal of depredation upon these trees, the smoke of tobacco, and with great success; but as I have always considered it expensive, I have replaced it with great success by another, the price of which is comparatively insignificant. For several years I have used the smoke of Rosin. Rosin furnishes a larger quantity of smoke than tobacco, and till this time has given me results quite satisfactory.

It is sufficient, I believe, to bring this experiment to the attention of horticulturists, who will not hesitate to make use of it, the price of rosin being a great deal cheaper than that of tobacco." We hope this simple remedy will meet with a trial.