The New Jersey State Agricultural Society are about to inaugurate a new feature in the agricultural exhibition of this country. They have put forth the programme of a fair, to be held on their grounds near Newark, on the 20th, 21st, and 22d days of May next. The novelty on this occasion will be the making a mart for the buying and selling of the stock exhibited - horses, cattle, sheep, swine, poultry, etc. In this they are taking a leaf from the book of European practice. Every one knows that these occasions in Europe are grand holidays for the people, and that the amount of sales often reach a very high figure. There is a manifest advantage in these sorts of fairs if properly carried out. They offer to the countryman a chance to dispose of his stock to the best advantage near his home, without going to a great city, there to be at large expense and risk; and likewise to the purchaser, the opportunity to select what he wants when the specimens offered are brought into competition and comparison with others.

We hope this will prove a success, for something of the kind has long been regarded as a desideratum. Information on the subject, or entries for the fair, can be had on application to Col. R. S. Swords, the corresponding secretary, at the rooms of the Society, 264 Broad Street, Newark, N.J.