Leaves opposite, linear, awned, rather stiff, glabrous, in bundles; stems creeping, branched, tufted; peduncles very long: petals twice as large as the calyx; seeds egg-shaped; hardy perennial; native of Corsica, on the highest mountains; flowers white; July and August; plant three inches high".

Awned Spurry, or literally, Awn-bearing Spurry, is the proper English name of the "new Grass." Some people put the stress or accent on the u, which is wrong, the accent is on the « - Sperguia. Four inches apart every way will be the best distance, but some will plant much farther apart, and plant again between; but, as in other things, the more baste the less speed. The grand secret is, to have an immense stock of plants before you begin to "plant out;" but out with them in the open air as feat as they are hardened off, if you have them from cuttings, or as soon as they are fit to handle, if they are seedlings in seed-pans. There are so many square feet in an acre, and so many square inches in a foot; and if you mean to plant at four inches every way apart, you can soon cast up how many plants would plant an acre. From a good stock to begin with, a boy, or a girl, or her mother, and one of the improved Waltonian Cases, without candle or lamp, could propagate in June, July and August, a sufficient number of plants in one month to plant an acre of ground. That is some data to go upon.

Some would do less, and some three times as much; and some will not try, or believe.