The main line extends from Kansas City, Mo., and Leavenworth, Kansas, both flourishing cities on the Missouri River, through Central Kansas and Eastern Colorado 639 miles, to Denver, Colorado, and with several hundred miles of branches, in addition, reaches every portion of Kansas, Colorado and New Mexico, and all of its fertile valleys. Rare opportunities are offered for acquiring homes in a section of country unsurpassed for fertility and health. The State Capital, State University, State Agricultural College, State Normal School, Blind Asylum, etc., of Kansas, are all located immediately along the line, and the educational facilities generally are unequaled. By reference to the United States Agricultural Reports, it will be observed that Kansas had a greater yield to the acre of the cereals than any other State, and gold medals and diplomas for the greatest and best display of fruit and agricultural, horticultural and mineral products, have been awarded at the great expositions and fairs throughout the land in competition with the other States. For the tourist and invalid, a varied and charming landscape is presented; and the delightful air of Colorado, and the now justly celebrated Cold, Warm and Hot Springs, in the vicinity of Denver, have given renewed life to, the weary and have restored health to the sick.

Don't fail to take a trip over the Kansas Pacific Railway, and if you want a good home, be sure to settle along its line. You can obtain maps, circulars, etc., giving all information, by addressing General Passenger Agent, K. P. R., Kansas City, Mo.

Corresponding Editor's Josiah Hoopes, James Taplin.

Vol.29. July, 1874. No. 337 Special Contribution