It is not our custom to refer to advertisements inserted in our advertising columns, but in the present case we think we are doing our readers a favor by calling their attention to the advertisement of Messrs. Barlow and Matthushekr - Mr Matthushek, after years of labor, has accomplished a long and desired result, in the manufacturing of pianos, to wit: an instrument of small size and compact form, with all the advantages of purity and volume of tone of the large square pianos of other makers. We are something of a musician ourself, and often take a little recreation by running over the keys of our colibri. We have had the instrument now several months, and wonder why we have passed ten years of our life without the solace of music. One important reason suggests itself: our little cottage parlor is of too narrow dimensions for a Steinway or a Chickering; but Matthushek's instrument occupying but little more room than a table, fits into a corner and is out of the way, is a handsome piece of furniture, and its tone is unsurpassed by any other instrument that we are acquainted with.