Large, 4 inches by 2 3/4. Form long obovate. Skin yellow, with many green russet dots and patches. Stem 1 1/2 inches long by 1/8 in the middle, gradually thickening towards both extremities, inserted by a fleshy termination without depression, with a fleshy1 lip on one side. Calyx open, long segments, set in a small, shallow, furrowed basin. Core medium. Seed often abortive. Flesh fine texture, buttery. Quality "verygood." Maturity, eaten October 22, 1855. (Grown by Mr. Buist).

No. 5. Same As No. 4. (Grown In France. Eaten November 15, 1855)

Specimens of the fruit of this fine foreign variety were exhibited by Mr. Robert Buist, at the October meeting of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society; and on the 15th of November, fine specimens were received from Paris by a steam vessel. - W. D. B.

No 5 Same As No 4 Grown In France Eaten November 1 110013

No. 5.