Some three to five years ago I was at a neighbor's spending the day, and a hot day it was; some remark about trees called to mind a new tree growing in cultivated land. To him, the like had never been seen; he supposed it a tree from the tropics, and the seed dropped by wild geese, in passing over, or by some other strange way. His description so influenced me, that I begged to see it. We walked - it seemed nearly two miles - most of the way through fields; oh! it was hot to me that day. 1 told him it was the Pawlo-nia, and the seed got there from my house. He could not think I had the tree, as he had never seen one; he a colonel by brevet On account of his being a very wealthy man I assured him it was true. Therefore, this tree bloomed before three years ago. I think I remember distinctly of its blooming at a brother's house before he moved, say eight years ago, and he procured his from me. I feel certain the Pawlonia bloomed over ten years ago. So much for a "marked coincidence".

Pawlonia Imperialis Ry If W Philips Edwards Miss 1500124