At a late meeting of the Hartford Horticultural Society, Dr. Russell presiding, the fact was brought to the notice of the Society that the Report of the proceedings of the American Pomological Society neglected to state the action of the Society in regard to the Hartford Prolific grape. Several of the delegates of the Society to the meeting of the American Pomological Society were present and gave their testimony, after which the following resolution was unanimously passed: -

"Resolved, That from the direct testimony of delegates of this Society to the American Pomological Society, we are entirely satisfied that the Hartford Prolific grape was thoroughly discussed, and put on the list of those promising well, by that Society at their meeting in New York last fall".

We have had various communications from persons present, stating that the "Report" did not embody the expressions and sometimes the opinions expressed at the meeting - some were modified, and some did not appear at all. We had a careful reporter on the spot, and it is quite remarkable to see the difference between the two accounts.