With this number we present to our readers a "Poultry Department" believing that in so doing we are meeting the wants of many who, with a few acres, or even a few rods of ground, devoted mainly to horticultural purposes, have still room and time for a few fowls; and as the two work most happily and pleasantly together, we feel confident that the majority of our readers will hail with pleasure this addition to our pages.

We purpose to make these columns valuable to our readers, not only as a record of the "latest poultry intelligence" but to give full descriptions of the newest and finest breeds of poultry brought before the public; also of the older and most popular varieties, fully illustrated with cuts taken from life, expressly for our pages. We shall also set aside a limited space for queries and answers. Diseases of the feathered tribe will be discussed, and remedies given. Plans for henneries and yards; feeding and drinking fountains - in fact, everything connected with the keeping and rearing of fowls will be offered in turn to our patrons.

The interest in poultry seems to have taken a fresh start, and the late exhibition of fowls in this city has given it an additional impetus. Gentlemen of means and leisure are eagerly discussing the claims of the different varieties to public favor, and the best method of constructing poultry houses and yards; and in view of the new importance given to these matters, we are especially warranted in allotting some time and space to the interests of the feathered race. We would therefore solicit our readers - those who have devoted any time to rearing fowls, as well as those who are yet novices in such matters, to communicate such intelligence as they can; also the result of any experiments; to answer such inquiries as they maybe able; to call the attention of their neighbors to the new department, and aid us practically, as well as with their good wishes, in making it a success.