We know enough of the confusion arising in collections through the loss of labels, when, from want of timely renewal, they decay at bottom. During the past year I set my wits to work to find out a better plan of charring them to render them durable, and, from present experience, I believe I have hit upon a good plan. Before detailing my own way I will just mention that the plan pursued previously, and which I was taught while in a London nursery, was to dip them in melted lead; this did not answer very well, and was often inconvenient. The way I have hit upon is, to my belief, original, and is as follows: Having made the labels, before they are painted get a dish or vessel of any size and suitable depth, say four inches deep, which fill with turpentine. In this you may dip the labels, a handful at a time, immersing them as deep as required, and then take them one by one and apply a light to the point, this will char them well superficially, if properly done, and much more neatly than any other plan I have seen.

When so charred they appear to be very durable. - Jaques.