This new berry has received much attention of late in England and France. One of our correspondents says he "has never eaten anything so delicious. It is equally well adapted to forcing as to open ground cultivation. It was raised by a Mr. Underhill, near Edgbaston. In flavor, size and color, it is said to surpass Keen's Seedling, British Queen, or any other variety, and is a prodigious bearer." Have any of our amateurs or gardeners received it?

The Strawberry Sir Harry 50090

Alexander Crosse, Esq., died, recently, at his residence, near Bridgewater, England, aged more than seventy. This gentleman has long been a great lover of scientific research, and will be remembered for the commotion he made by claiming to be a modern Prometheus, haying, as he believed, created an insect by the aid of galvanism 1 The insect was an Acarus, or Mite, and has since been proved to have been hatched from an egg deposited on the mineral submitted to the galvanic action.