A Chicago editor has taken particular pains to learn from commission men the use of topping out berries, with the following results. It does not pay to put selected berries on top of each box. It does pay to turn the hull down so that the face of the top of the box presents an unbroken field of red. Leaves on the top of boxes are a positive detriment, they heat and rot the berry and do not help the sale. Everything that has a tendency to improve the attractiveness of the box, berries or crate, helps the sale.


The Western Pomologist and the Western Gardener have been consolidated, the combined paper being published by Mark Miller, Pes Moines, Iowa, with Dr. J. Stayman and Dr. Wm. M. Hously, both of Leavenworth, Kansas, as associate editors.

We are sorry to miss the face of the Western Gardener, as we had taken quite a liking to it; yet the Western Pomologist has so good a corps of contributors it will be a beneficial centering of horticultural interests.