I am of opinion that nothing equals thin sheet lead for this purpose; it is very pliable and durable; the letters should be stamped on it, and the labels soldered to small iron stakes, or nailed to the wall, as the case may be. I have seen labels of this kind which had been in use for sixty years, to all appearance as good as they were the day they were made. Putty, paper, or wood, are more fit for the boudoir than to stand the test of the seasons. They want renewing every five or ten years; but this is not the case with lead, which is very lasting. - W. Brown in London Gardener's Chronicle.

Tree Labels #1

Mr. B. E. Bliss, of Springfield, Mass., has laid on our table, specimens of his cheap and excellent labels for trees, especially fruit trees. They consist of a ring of metal enclosing a printed name under mica, and appear to be an admirable adaptation.

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