Color, yellow, but covered with grey and rusnet spots and dots, a little greener about the stem. Texture - skin tine; flesh coarse, white, melting; water abundant; sweet, vinous and perfumed; ripens end of October. It is a very good, first (class) pear. The fruit is generally larger than the above outline. The branches are upright, and it is a vigorous grower.

I hare only to express my great regret that the specimens I had intended to send you have been accidentally injured, so much so that they would be of no service in enabling you to judge of its value. I allowed one of my trees to bear a dozen fine fruit, with which burthen its growth was quite as strong as any of the others, so I have no doubt it will prove an early and productive bearer.

The Bartlett is doing remarkably well on quince stocks with me - very productive, and the fruit of fine flavor. Soil, deep clayey loam. Yours respectfully, Fred. Law Olmsted.

South Side, Staton Island, Nov. 24,1851.

We should be glad to be informed if any other of our fruit-growing readers have proved this fine variety. Ed.