So varied and beautiful are the floral characters of this plant, that I fear all tastes will not unite on a dozen; very few, comparatively, of the new and imaginary beautiful kinds, are placed among what I call standards.

1. Alba pleno, the old double white.

1. Candadissima, pure white; desirable for its late blooming properties.

2. Elegans (Chandler's), very large, irregular flower; dark rose, interior petals white. 1. Fimeriiata, fringed white.

1. Imericata, crimson, spotted with white.

1. Ladies' Blush, beautiful blush; plant of rather loose habit.

3. Landrethil beautiful pink; requires rich culture. 3. LOWIL, dark crimson.

3. Mrs. Cope, rose white, spotted with pink.

2. Queen of Flowers, very handsome form; rosy crimson.

3. Sarah Frost, crimson; one of the earliest bloomers - first rate in all its parts. 3: WILDRIL, rosy pink; exquisite form.

No. 1 are Chinese sorts, No. 2 are English, and No. 3 are American.