The Pelargonium is now subdivided by florists into several branches, such as Fancies, Fragrant Sorts, Spotted or French Sorts, etc.; good collections consist of sorts that bloom nearly the whole year. Those named are the very finest, Selected from those that have taken prises before the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, in 186*.

Ajax, dark crimson and pink.

Butterfly, rose and crimson.

Forget-me-not, bright scarlet crimson.

Generalissimo, large, scarlet-crimson, with salmon lower petals.

Leonora, rick, waxy pink.

Ocellatum, orange, crimson, and pink.

Ondine, blush white, striped with crimson*

Prince of Orange, bright scarlet.

Sarah Ross, each petal with a crimson spot.

SNOW Flake, pure white, with dark velvet spot in upper petals.

Vulcait, dark crimson upper petals, bottom rose.

Wilmer's Surprise, rosy carmine; nothing similar in shape or color; Tory showy.

These are all English sorts. Plants at our May meeting have been two feet high and nine feet in circumference. Buist is the leading grower, and frequently imports them at a guinea per plant.