Our woods in this neighborhood are but poorly furnished with ferns - three species being all I have been able to find, so far. One of them, the Maiden-hair Fern - Adiantum pedatum - is very pretty in Cases; the other two are rather too coarse for that purpose.

There are many native ferns in this country that would look well if they could be procured; but we have to wait until they have been sent to Europe, and returned with big names attached, before they are appreciated.

At the risk of being considered pedantic, I will append the names of a dozen ferns that may be grown in a Case with ordinary care, and not requiring much artificial heat:

Asplenium adiantum-nigrum; Asplenium Nidus avis; Adiantum cuneatum; Adiantum fulvum; Doodia aspera; Nephobolus lingua; Onychium japonicum; Pteris albo-lineata; Davaliia dissecta; Oleander nodosa; Polypodium repens; Scolopen-drium vulgare.

These are very ugly names for such pretty plants, but they will not appear so hard when we become better acquainted with them.

I will not try your patience by naming the many pretty mosses (or properly speaking, Selagincllas) that help to beautify the Fern Case. Suffice it to say, they are all worthy a place in our fernery.

There is one more point that should not be forgotten: Keep them in the light, but not in the sun. A north or west window will be found the best for them - a situation where few other plants would thrive.