I hold the Weigelias in great regard, and while I have readily admitted that the Roseas and Coraensis, or Amabalis are perfect, in their way, 1 have still longed for the Middendorf, or Yellow. During the last two or three years I have received plants under this name, from different sources in England and France. They have proved in all cases to belong to the family of Bush Honeysuckle, producing small and very insignificant yellow flowers. This variety was discovered in Japan some years ago, and from thence sent to France, and disseminated throughout England. It seems to be very similar, if not identical, with the Diervilla trifida of our woods. As I have seen no description of the true Yellow Weigelia, I have thought it probable that this Diervilla has usurped its place, in this country; and as I now consider myself fortunate in possessing the genuine, I send you a description, which may serve to correct erroneous impressions.

The general habit of the plant and appearance of the foliage is much like W. Rosea, the latter being of a lighter green, and less wrinkled than W. Coraeensis. But the flowers are very distinct and dissimilar. These are produced in clusters of five, upon long stems, thrown well up above the foliage, so as to be very conspicuous. Flowers monopetalous, five-lobed, lobes extending one third down the corolla. In shape, it somewhat resembles the Mimulus, being in size about one and a half inch long from the calyx to the tip of the lobes, and from one to one and a half inch in width across the lobes. Color, a clear pale yellow, the centre lobe being mottled and dotted with bright orange. Stamens reaching to the mouth of the bell, and united by their anthers. Pistil still longer, and crowned by a large cap-shaped stigma, five-lobed, answering to each stamen. It appears to be very free flowering, and vigorous in habit.

And now, having this new color, it seems a very easy matter, and almost certain that by hybridizing with the other kinds, a great variety and combination of colors may be obtained. Who will get the first?