Beurre de Kuckingheim! Brown Beurre"! Tis a wonderful jargonj yes sir-ree! Fits to utter, and cramps to spell, Dutch, English and French in a Jargonelle!

Doyenne d'Alencon d'Hiver gris.

Van Mons Leon le Clerc! dear me!

Bless the branches and save the root,

If all that "talking" should turn to fruit!

Elect me king, and I'll make a law) Entitled "an act for your lower jaw;" Syllables two shall name a tree, And the pear shall perish that carries three.

Proudly then shall our pyramids grow! Straight and taper and full of blow! Crack, nor canker, nor blot, nor blight, Frost to hinder, nor bug to bite.

Plump and juicy shall Duchess swell, Coral crimson the F. O. relle; Iced champagne shall our Jerseys bear, And overy Seckle shall be a pear.

Flemish Beauty shall spread apace, And good St. Michael's grow in Grace; The very Diel shall his limbs untwist, And go to heaven like an Urbaniste!

Golden days for the orchard, sure! Happy times for the amateur! When every "Title" shall mean a thing,

And pears are plenty, and I am king! T.

Torch Hill, Ga., March 3,1859.

The Baltimore manure-makers and venders seem to place great faith in the term "manipulated," as applied to guanos, - for instance, the American Farmer advertises the " Excelsior manipulated guano," "Manipulated guano," "Higgin's per-manipulated guano," "Manipulated phospho-Peruvian guano".

There is a show of honesty in these names, for the true guanos are unmanipulated, and so the term implies that it has been worked over in some way, and mixed with other things, - which is doubtless very true. - Homestead.