A remarkable plant was exhibited to the British Association for the Advancement of Science, by Dr. Hooker, who gave the inaugural address as president of the biology section. The address was upon the subject of carniverous plants, and Dr. Hooker explained and demonstrated by experiment some extraordinary discoveries of Mr. Darwin's. Among other things, says a Liverpool paper, he showed a plant called "Dionial," the leaves of which were open. A fly was captured and put upon a leaf, which instantly closed, and on reopening it was found that the fly was completely dissolved. A bit of beef was afterward consumed in the same way. The leaf was then fed with cheese, which disagreed with it horribly, and eventually killed it. Dr. Hooker explained that the plant's action was precisely similar to that of the human stomach. The leaf rejected a piece of wet chalk. Professor Huxley, in moving a vote of thanks, said these phenomena formed a wonderful problem. The plant had certainly a nervous system of its own.