Adiantum capilius venerus; A. Mortzianum; A. pedatum. This last is one of our most beautiful native ferns, and one of the most graceful when under a good state of cultivation, either in the temperature of the greenhouse or hothouse, or in the portable plant case. A. reniforme; a very remarkable kind from the Peak of Teneriffe.

Asplenium appendiculatum; A. dimorphum; A. obtusum; A. flabellifolium; A. lucidum; A. septentrionale. Botrychium lunaria, (Osmunda lunaria.) Che-ilanthus Alabamensis; C. fragrans; C. tenuifolia. Gathea dealbata; G. medularis: two very interesting and beautiful ferns from New Zealand; somewhat rare. Cystopteris bulbifera, (a particularly interesting native fern;) C. regia. Daval-lia Canadensis - the singular and beautiful Hare's-foot fern from the Canary Isles; D. pyxidata. Dicksonia Antarctica; D. lanata. Doodia aspera; D. Blechnoides;

D. caudata; indispensable to the most select collections. Gleehomia dichotoma, (rare.) Goniopteris pennigera. Gymnogramma leptophylla; G. rutaefolia. Iby-menophyllum dilatum; I. Tunbridgense; exquisite. Lastrea decomposita; L. cristata; L. glabella. Lomaria Alpina; L. discolor; L. lanceolata. Niphobolus rupestris. Notholaena Canariensis; N. lanuginosa. Phegopteris alpestris; P. dryopteris; P. rugulosa (rare); P. vulgaris. Phymatodes Billardiera. Polys-tichum aculeatum; P. aristatum; P. falcinellum. Pteris Cretica; P. longifolia.

The above is a selection of a few of the most interesting and easily cultivated of this beautiful class of plants, which will flourish in the temperature of the greenhouse and conservatory. Much might be said in detail upon the elegant forms, native habitats, etc., of the above named genera; but to enter upon full particulars of each would occupy more space than in all probability would be allowable. Suffice it to say, the selection is very choice, and may be thoroughly depended upon.

Meanwhile should any of the readers of the Horticulturist require any additional information respecting the above, or any of the exotic kinds which may hereafter be named by ourselves in the Horticulturist, such information will be cheerfully given, privately or otherwise, so far as our practical experience will enable us to do so.

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