This variety is considered, by the Country Gentleman as worthy of more attention, not having received as much in the past few years as it deserves. The common objection that it blows off easily, may be partly obviated by gathering a little earlier than most winter pears, and partly by planting in more sheltered places, or away from the sweep of winds. We have found our supply to ripen finely during the present month (January) in a cool cellar, without any special attention, the specimens becoming juicy, melting and agreeable, and although not quite so rich, comparing well with the Josephine de Malines and Winter Nelis, ripe at the same time. The Columbia is fine grained,and free from the hard grains sometimes found in the Lawrence, and the unsof-tened sides often occurring in the Winter Nelis. It is true that the Columbia is not always equal to those of the present season, showing the importance of understanding its management better. The smooth, fair surface which the fruit always possesses is a recommendation in its favor.