A gentleman connected with the New York Horticultural Society writes:

"I regard our conversational meetings as more important than our public exhibitions; indeed no Horticultural Society, in my opinion, is in the straight path of duty until it has established meetings of this kind. It is impossible for a dozen practical men to meet together, and relate their experience, without being mutually benefited; unless they should all be fools, which it would not be charitable to suppose. I would urge you to recommend the holding of such meetings in every section of the country".

We do recommend such meetings to all who are interested in horticulture. In every city and village in the land, if some active person would undertake it, a club might be formed to hold weekly meetings, during the leisure seasons at least, to interchange experience in gardening matters; and these meetings might not only be instructive and profitable, but highly entertaining. Horticulture offers such an endless variety of topics, that the "conversations" need never be wearisome, but always fresh.