We have several letters inquiring if any thing has yet been heard from Mr. Matiisws' remedy. In reply we have to say, that we have not yet learned how or when the results of the experiments are to be made known. We may remark that the crop of Plums in this region is unusually abundant and fine. Our own trees are loaded down, and indeed, they have been for some years past. The only remedy we practice, and we deem it a very effectual one, is to shake the trees once a day during the period when the curoulio is most active, and afterwards during the entire season shake off and pick up carefully all unsound fruit. This involves very little labor, and if pursued regularly can scarcely fail to secure a crop. We hope the new remedy may be still more efficient.

While speaking of Plums, we may as well observe that a few days since we received a call from our esteemed friend, J. J. Thomas, a look at whose honest cheerful countenance is enough to cure the worst case of "blues." After friend T. left, we found upon our table the following interesting item, written in his well known "hand":