It can be lifted out of the borders into pots of suitable size at any time after the stems of the plants have died down naturally, or in the spring, just as the crowns are beginning to appear again, which is also a good time to divide the roots. Plants thus lifted, with a little care, into large pots, flower admirably in a cool and airy conservatory. Those lifted in the autumn for frame or other protection, can be excited into flower much earlier.

(A Subscriber, Baltimore County, Md.) Tour pear-trees are in good positions. Give them a mulching of manure, and some superphosphate of lime beneath it. Dig this in next spring, adding a couple of handfuls of guano at that time. Let the mulching be as extensive as the limbs, so that the roots will all get the benefit.

The gentleman who dates from----- - is respectfully informed that - do not constitute the whole of horticulture, nor are - - everything. It is Hazlitt, if we remember, who speaks of persons with one idea, thus: " There are people who have but one idea; at least, if they have more, they keep it a secret, for they never talk but of one subject." Abernethy thought his pill a cure for all disorders.

Isaac Dillon, Zaneeville, Ohie, calls our attention to an error of the printer, in the December number, where the Stockade Pear is called Stoekdale.

(8. 8.) The Fable or the Trees, to which you allude, is in the ninth chapter of Judges, verses 8-15. Of this Addison said, "Jothan's fable of the trees is the oldest that is extant, and as beautiful as any that have been made since that time".