A late visitor at the London Crystal Palace, says: " One thing must have been evident to every one who took an interest in the exhibition, that to stage fruit is by no means the best way of showing it to advantage. When a stage is preferred to a flat surface, it never ought to be much higher than that of an ordinary table, and, in all eases, there should be a division down the centre covered with green baize, or some other cheap material, so as to prevent more being seen than the eye can easily examine in passing. In the present case, the stage was much higher than it ought to have been, and too narrow. The fruit on the upper tier was so elevated as to be completely hid from the sight of all ordinary spectators; and many exhibitors must have regretted to find the objects of their care and anxiety in the position they occupied. The want of a screen down the centre was apparent to every one, from its permitting them to see the props and other expedients resorted to by exhibitors in order to display their boxes of fruit to the best advantage".