Our fellow citizens are becoming impatient at the conduct of their representatives in Councils. A large sum of money has been paid by private persons, to present a large addition to the Fairmount Park, and we now see our "city fathers" allowing the place to be occupied by picnic parties, the trees neglected and injured - because, forsooth, they are afraid of the foreign voters! This will not do. The native vote demands attention to the wants and wishes of a great city, and a Park we must have. Let the present incumbents say or do what they will, public sentiment demands action in a matter to which Councils are committed by their own acts, no less than by legislative command in the law consolidating the great city of Philadelphia.

If Councils will authorize it, and prevent the overrunning of the Park by picnic parties, we would undertake to enlist a sufficient number of our friends - the gardeners - to supply a great amount of trees gratuitously, if necessary. Plant these, make a good sward, and a few roads and paths, and the thing is ready for a finish whenever educated men control our local legislation. Let us have no jobs.