Many persons have a few grape cuttings which they wish to propagate. A good way is to trim them this month, February, cut them up into cuttings, each having two buds. Make the cut at the lower bud just at its base, not too close or so as to cut the bud, but yet as near as may be without injury, and square across the wood; above the upper bud make the cut sloping, and about two inches therefrom.

Grape Cuttings 220031

Fig. 31.

Now procure a box of a size to hold ah the cuttings, and also some clean, white building sand. Spread a coat of sand about an inch deep in the bottom of the box, then lay in a layer of the cuttings, and then fill the interstices and cover them with the sand; again lay cuttings, and then sand, and so continue until all are laid in and covered. Now set the box away in a dark place in the cellar, where it will be neither dry nor wet, but where the sand will keep all the time moist; and at planting-time, say the month of May, the cuttings will nearly all be found to have callused, as the term is, that is, the lower ends will have a mass of little, white, globular excrescences that are the germs of roots. Cuttings made in this way are for planting out in the open ground. Those who have hotbed frames in which to grow them may form the cuttings of one eye only, cutting one inch above and one inch below the bud for each, and packing away same as above.