THIs cottage was designed for a situation where the ground descends very rapidly away from the line of the front, and this peculiarity was taken advantage of to get a kitchen and servant's rooms below the main story though entirely out of ground on one side, and the greater part of another side, making them quite as dry and pleasant as the upper story.

The basement is arranged as follows; under the veranda is an area, the floor of which is two feet above the ground and paved with brick. This area is neatly latticed up so that the whole space is quite private, and forms a pleasant working place in the summer time.

The kitchen opening from it is 13 x 14 feet, and adjoining it is a large pantry, containing a dumb waiter rising to another pantry in the floor above, besides a stairway up, and sundry shelves and cupboards. There is a hall opening into a servant's room, 8 x 14, and into two good cellars, both of which* have floors laid on chestnut beams bedded in grout, as in fact have all the other basement rooms.

Plan of Basement.

Plan of Basement.

The cellar is 8 1/2 feet high in the clear, and the walls are of stone, with the exception of those fronts which are exposed - they being of brick and painted.

The principal story has an entrance hall 10 feet square, and a stairs and hall of the same dimensions, separated from each other by a screen made of chestnut. The stairs are 3 1/2 feet wide, and under them is a closet for coats. The pantry is 10 feet square also and is fitted up with cupboards, and has a butler's pantry, sink for washing dishes in, supplied with hot and cold water from the range.

The parlor and dining room are both of the same size, 15 x 16 feet.

The first has a large French window through which one can pass to the yard, and the dining room has a similar window opening out upon a large balcony.

Both rooms connect with a veranda 9 feet wide. This story is 10 1/2 feet high.

In the second story, a small hall-way or passage at the head of the stairs opens into three chambers, two of which are 13 feet square, and the third about 6 1/2 feet square. This story is 10 feet high in the middle of the room, falling away to 3 feet at the extreme eaves, where they are furred out to make the finished height 6 feet in the lowest part. The spaces furred off may serve for closets.

This cottage was designed to be a frame cottage, boarded and clapboarded, and also filled in with brick for greater protection against cold. The interior finish, of pine stained, or of chestnut oiled; and the floors of all of the first story of Southern pine, laid with a border of black walnut all around, 12 inches wide. The floors of the second story of narrow pine plank. The estimated cost is $3,200.

Second floor   Side Hill Cottage.

Second floor - Side Hill Cottage.