This universal favorite is rather uncertain on the quince, unless double-worked. Some trees will do as well as one could wish, growing and fruiting finely, while others with the same treatment can not be made to thrive. It is also very liable to be broken off at the junction of the pear with the quince stock. Of two planted in this orchard, both grew finely; one was blown off by the wind this season, the other is as thrifty as could be desired.

Beurre Gens

Growing thriftily. Makes a beautiful pyramid.

Baron De Mello

Ope of the most thrifty. Makes a handsome, symmetrical tree. Fruited this year.

Beurre De Waterloo

Two trees planted; both died out the second and third season. Said by some to succeed on the quince.

Beurre Clairgeau

Doing very well. Fruited this year.

Summer Franc Real

This variety always does well. The trees are thrifty and form symmetrical heads.


Two trees planted, and both of them doing as well as any on the ground. Said not to be reliable on the quince.

Beurre D Anjou

Two trees planted, both of which grew well. One of them was broken off this season; the other is very thrifty. Osband's Summer. - Growing well. Makes a handsome tree.


Growing well, but rather loosely. Requires dote pruning to keep it in good shape.

Easter Beurre

This is rather an irregular grower, sending out strong shoots at random, as it were, making it difficult to get a well-formed tree. It is a peculiarity of this kind to grow slowly for the first year or two, after which it is as vigorous as most varieties. Trees of this all doing well.


One of the most thrifty. Makes a symmetrical pyramid. Fruited this year.

Stevens's Genesee

Doing well.

Josephine De Malines

Quite thrifty.

Vicar Of Winkfield

As usual, one of the most vigorous. This variety always grows and bears remarkably well on the quince. It is one of the best for market purposes.

Gloul Moreeau

Another remarkably fine variety for dwarfing, making a most beautiful and vigorous pyramid, with very little care. Does not fruit well until the trees have attained considerable age.

Swan's Orange

A very strong grower. Makes a fine pyramid.


Growing exceedingly well. One of the best on quince.

Doyenni D'Ele

Doing finely. Fruits early.

Beurre Giffard

A loose, open grower. Requires close pruning to keep it in shape. Trees all doing well.


A very rampant, straggling grower. Requires close pruning to keep it filled up.

Doyennk D'Hiver D'Alegon

Growing finely, and making a beautiful pyramid.

Beurre D'Hardenpont

Growing well.

Comte De Lomy

Quite thrifty.

Rousselet Stuttgart

Very thrifty. Hakes a beautiful tree.

Marie Louise

A crooked, straggling grower, but doing well.

Brown Beurre

Brown Beurre has not grown well.

Golden Beurre Of Bilboa

Growing finely. Makes a handsome tree.


Doing very well. Makes a well-proportioned tree.

Oswego Beurre

Flourishing finely. Seems to gain in vigor as the tree increases in age.

Beurre Goubalt

A remarkably strong grower.


Cabot has not done well Of two trees, one is dead, and the other making but a feeble growth.


Quite thrifty.

Rosen Shenck

Doing well. Shoots long and slender.


Very thrifty. Forms a well-proportioned tree.


Very vigorous.


Growing thriftily, and making a very handsome tree.

Beurre Capiaumont

Remarkable for its thrifty and symmetrical growth.

Ananas D'Ele

Doing only moderately well.

Des Nones

Does not appear to succeed very well.


Growing well.

Bergamotte D'Esperine

Flourishing finely, and making a good pyramid.

Beurre D'Aremberg

Only moderately thrifty.

Beurre D'Amalis

A vigorous, though rather crooked grower.


One of the best growers. Makes a handsome tree.


Yery thrifty indeed. Makes a fine pyramid.

Beurre Diller

Doing moderately well.

Triomphe De Jodoigne

A remarkably vigorous grower on quince.

Doyenni Sieulle

Growing well, and forming a handsome tree.

Fondante De Malines

Doing moderately welL Parsonage. - Growing well.

Beurre Super/In

Moderately thrifty.

Beurre Kossuth

Not very vigorous.

Theodore Van Mons

Very flourishing.

Van Mons' Leon Le Clerc

Growing very finely. One of the most symmetrical trees in the orchard.


Very thrifty.

English Jargonelle

Not doing well.

Delices D'Hardenpont

Succeeding very well indeed.

Passe Colmar

One of the most vigorous.


Very thrifty. Forms a beautiful head.

Nouveau Poiteau

Growing very rapidly. Makes a very symmetrical tree.


Doing well.

Van Assache

Growing moderately.

Ben De Montigny

Very thrifty.

Bergamotte Cadette

Flourishing finely.


Growing moderately well.

Bonne De Zees

Quite thrifty.

Pius Ninth

Very successful.

Zepherine Gregorie

A very thrifty tree. Forms a fine pyramid.


Doing well.

St. Michael At Change

Very fine.


Not succeeding well.

Long Green

One of the most vigorous. Makes a handsome tree.

Soldat Laboreur

Doing very well indeed.

Doyenne Gouball

A remarkably vigorous grower.