The Corymb - flowered Habrotkammu. This plant is an erect, much-branched shrub, with somewhat herbaceous stems, and alternate, large, ovate-lanceolate leaves, attached to the stems by a start-stalk. Towards the ends of the main branches smaller ones are produced, each of which is terminated by a corymb of flowers. The flowers are funnel-shaped, gradually widen' ing upwards, then contracting, having a pitcher-shaped appearance; the limb is divided into five long narrow segments, which become reflex ed. These flowers which are produced in profusion, are of a deep rose color, and very ornamental.

This species is a native of Mexico; and has flowered in the Royal Botanic Garden of Kew, to which it was sent by Mr. Low, of the Clapton nursery. It is a plant of very rapid growth, requiring only the protection of the green-house in the winter season, and in summer thriving freely in the open air. Plants of this nature require to be well attended when young, to cause them to produce a sufficient number of shoots to form a handsome plant; and they ought not to be planted in a soil and situation too much conducive to vigorous growth; for rapid growing plants of this half-fleshy character are found to thrive better when the development of them is not too freely induced by stimulants of this kind. A large plant of this kind would doubtless make a good display in the flower garden, as a single plant; and when so required, it must be planted out as early in the season as possible, to be safe from frost.

It belongs to the natural order of Solanacese; and in the Lmnaean arrangement to Pen-tandria monogynia. - Hort, Mag.