At a late meeting of the West New York Horticultural Society, the information was elicited that the Rhododendron Catawbiense was the only sort that proved per-fectly hardy. In the latitude of New York, however, the Messrs. Parsons of Flushing, will be glad to show hundreds of varieties, perfectly hardy here, never as yet requiring any protection, or receiving any injury.

Hardy Rhododendrons #1

If any one should ask, "Which are perfectly hardy, and desirable, and at moderate cost 1 the reply may be,

For Blush and White, Cariaceum, Deli-catissimum, Album elegans and Album gran-diflorum .

For Rose, Roseum elegans and Hannibal .

For Lilac and Purple, Purpureum elegans, Purpureum grandiflorum and Everestianum .

For Late Bloomer, Macranthum .

For Blood Red Flowers and Fine Foliage, Atrosanguineum .

For Dark Purple, Lee's Purple .

For variety, add Gloriosum, Grandiflorum, Giganteum, Coelestinum and Bicolor .

The finest hardy white Rhododendron, is is probably Mrs . John Clutton, but it is new and expensive .