How strange a confirmation of the truism, "Too much familiarity breeds contempt," may- be found in the world of flowers and plants! The most beautiful things in the vegetable kingdom are neglected when they become abundant, and comparatively worthless subjects are courted and esteemed while they are scarce. We may hear a beautiful melody until we are nauseated with it, and we may see flowers and plants so common that we treat them with contempt. But men ought to endeavor to correct this morbid appetite for novelty, and care themselves of their ill-founded dislike to subjects that are plentiful; Bat plants are first doomed to neglect for their abundance, and many hare been actually thrown aside. It is with a view to bring some'of these subjects from their lowly station or their oblivion, that we have commenced this article, and we hope we shall be able to impress upon the reader the necessity of looking well to the properties of a plant before ha. adopts a novelty or rejects an old favorite. Some of the subjects we have mentioned in the following remarks, will bear comparison with the most valuable of modern introductions; and it behooves the lovers of the garden, the owners of an establishment, to insist on their being brought forward conspicuously, for they deserve it more than a vast majority of costly and novel plants that bear a heavy price.