Mr. Tewkesbury, of Nottingham, in a letter to the Manx Sun, says: - " I forward an easy, clean, and certain method of eradicating these insects from dwelling-houses. A few years ago my house was infested with cockroaches (or 'clocks,' as they are called here,) and I was recommended to try cucumber peelings as a remedy. I accordingly, immediately before bed-time, strewed the floor of those parts of the house most infested with the vermin with the green peal, cut not very thin from the cucumber, and sat up half an hour later than usual to watch the effect. Before the expiration of that time the floor where the peel lay was completely covered with cockroaches, so much so, that the vegetable could not be seen, so voraciously were they engaged in sucking the poisonous moisture from it. I adopted the same plan the following night, but my visitors were not near so numerous - I should think not more than a fourth of the previous night. On the third night I did not discover one; but anxious to ascertain whether the house was quite clear of them, I examined the peel after I had lain it down about half an hour, and perceived that it was covered with myriads of minute cockroaches about the size of a flea.

I therefore allowed the peel to lie till morning, and from that moment I have not seen a cockroach in the house. It is a very old building; and I am certain that the above remedy only requires to be persevered in for three or four nights, to completely eradicate the pest. Of course it should be fresh cucumber peel every night." - Builder.