(D., Hamden, Conn.)

Prepare a bed or border six or eight feet wide, soil light sandy loam; rake perfectly level, and sow the seed broadcast about twice as thickly as you would Apple or Pear seed; then cover with fine sifted soil, light and sandy, about one-quarter to one-half an inch deep; press it down lightly with a board, or the back of a spade, so that it will look as if rolled, and then give it a good watering. The next thing is to provide for shade - a protection from the mid-day sun. The easiest and most effectual way to do this, is to surround the bed with a frame of boards on their edge, rising some twelve inches higher than the surface; nail on some cross pieces, and stretch over it during the hottest part of the day an awning of common coarse sheeting. To manage this shade, and water when, and only when, needed, is all you can do to secure a good crop. If any of these points are mismanaged but a little, you will probably fail Manage all evergreen seeds the same way. We can not recommend you a book on the subject that is reliable.