Among a small collection of choice Hyacinths, forced the past winter, in glasses, in a common room, I had one that I deem worthy of note. It was a Grand Vain-queur, or single white, and had flfty-flve distinct flower bells, growing on a stout stalk of a foot in height. For water growth this was extraordinarily fine. F. Hall. Elmira, March 18, 1852.

Hyacinths #1

Messrs. Thorburn & Co. will please accept our thanks for a choice assortment of Hyacinths, Narcissus, Nerines, etc., all sound and beautiful bulbs, such as may al-> ways be found at their store.

Hyacinths #2

Messrs. Thorburn will please accept our thanks for a choice collection* of bulbs. We have never seen any finer.

Hyacinths #3

After blooming, these are generally thrown away. We can grow them in this country as well as the Dutch; and the way to keep up a stock is to have three beds, and let them follow one after the other: No. 1, for offsets and weak bulbs; No. 2, for bulbs that have flowered, and are removed from glasses and pots to finish growth and ripen; No. 3, for bulbs to use next season for display. They should never be allowed to bloom in these preparatory beds. - Ibid., p. 174.