Tree - vigorous, pyramidal shaped, productive; fruit - very large, regularly turbinate; skin - greenish yellow, speckled with russet dots; flesh-melting,buttery, juicy, sugary, agreeably perfumed; very delicious; ripens in November and December; raised from seed in the garden of the Horticultural Society at Angers.

this variety are of medium growth, py-ramida1 shaped, straight branched; the wood is short, stout; very productive; fruit - of medium size, regularly turbinate; the stem is slender, and obliquely inserted at the surface; color - yellowish green, covered over about half of the surface with dark gray spots, grayer on the sunny side. It resembles the color of Beurre d'Angleterre; skin-thin; flesh - white, very melting, buttery; juice - abundant, slightly acidulous or vinous in flavor; agreeably perfumed and highly flavored. It is a delicious, first rate pear, and I do not know another equally good at this season, where we have so many kinds in ripening. - end of September and October. I do not know its origin.

I Dotmfnl Du Cornice D Angers 60048Beurre Clairglass of Nanses.

Beurre Clairglass of Nanses.

III. Beubre Clairgeau, (of Nantes,) - A very large fruit, irregularly turbinated; skin - yellow greenish, with dark spots; ftash - melting, buttery, juicy; resembles the Gray Doyenne; ripens in October and November. A vigorous tree; very productive, and forming fine pyramids. It is a handsome pear of first rate quality, raised from seed by Mr. Clairgeau, at Nantes, (France,) and put in trade by the care of the Horticultural Society Of this city. Tours very respectfully. Andee Le Roy.