Information Comes Too Late

But all these trees give us care and trouble, and much disappointment, like everything on which one's heart is set, and then we are always finding out things just too late, for we constantly discover in our reading articles published the day after the fair, which show us how much better we might have done had we had the information a year or two earlier. In fact we have reason to think ourselves among those.

Gifts Front Kindly Friends

Mountainous minds that were awake too soon, Or else their brethren slept too late, for no sooner do we evolve an idea and put it in practice, than at every turn the public press is crammed with views on this very subject which it has never seen fit to express previously. Hinc illae lacrimae. Had all that we discovered later in print been within our grasp in the beginning, had modern ideas been fairly abroad, how much easier everything would have been! But, also, how afraid we should have been to undertake anything, having learned thus that we ought never to build without a landscape architect, never to plant without the advice of an experienced landscape gardener, never to suffer from mistakes that could so easily be avoided by proper appeals to a professional! But all this wisdom might as well have come in the next century as just a year too late, and so here we are, with all our blood upon our heads, because we chanced to dig our cellar and make our contract a year or two before a certain eminent den-drological journal was born.

Knowledge Would Have Induced Dismay

As it was, we went to some scientific neighbors, who had done the same thing we were doing thirty years before with very distinguished success; and some of them gave us advice, and others gave us trees, which were even more to the purpose; and they kindly encouraged our efforts, and took an interest in what we were doing that sustained and cheered us on our way.

We Try Cur Own Experiments

No one's experience, either in books or in real life, proves to be exactly like our own, so that we feel that we have had the benefit of an original experiment. Only time can fully reveal where our mistakes lie, for it alone can show whether we have planted not wisely or too well.