Branches either upright, spreading, or more or less long, Blender, and drooping. Leaves flat, dark green, glabrous under-

neath, and borne stiffly on the leafstalks; large and broad in §, and small and narrow in §§. Flowers in pedunculate umbels, cup-shaped, with firm, stiff, and crumpled orbicular petals. Fruit round or oblate, sometimes, as in the Morello, inclining to heart-shaped. Juice sub-acid or acid.

§ Branches upright, occasionally spreading. Leaves large

and broad.

* Flesh dark; juice coloured.—Dukes.

Archduke                                  Jeffreys' Duke

Buttner's October                      May Duke

Duchesse de Palluau                  Royal Duke

Griotte de Chaux.                       De Soissons

** Flesh pale; juice uncoloured.—Red-Dukes.

Belle de Choisy                          Great Cornelian

Belle Magnifique                        Reine Hortense


Coe's Late Carnation                  Late Duke

§§ Branches long, slender, and drooping. Leaves small

and narrow.

* Flesh dark; juice coloured.—Morellos. Double Natte                            Ostheim

Early May                                Ratafia

Griotte de Kleparow                               

Morello                                     Shannon Morello

** Flesh pale; juice uncoloured.—Kentish.

All Saints                                  Gros Gobet

Cluster                                     Kentish

Flemish                                    Paramdam