These are grown mainly for ornament. Their fruit, being generally very highly or delicately coloured, contribute to the decoration of shrubberies in the autumn; while their flowers make them gay with blossoms in the spring. But there arc some of the varieties which, besides being ornamental, are also very useful for preserving. Of these, the following are the most esteemed:—

Cherry Crab (Cherry Apple; Scarlet Siberian).— Very small, the size and colour of a cherry, roundish, oblong, flat at the ends, of a bright shining scarlet colour, with the appearance as if it had been varnished. Stalk very long and slender. Eye small. Flesh crisp, with a fine agreeable acidity. Used for preserving. September and October.

Royal Charlotte.—Medium sized, ovate. Skin of a delicate waxen yellow, tinged with red all over, but covered with a dark red cheek next the sun. Eye with long, pointed segments, and moderately sunk. Stalk slender, an inch long. Flesh white, very tender, with a fine, agreeable acidity. September and October.

Siberian (Yellow Siberian). — Small, conical. Skin waxen yellow in the shade, and streaked with red next the sun. Eye large and protruding, closed. Flesh briskly acid. September and October.

Transparent. — Below medium size, oblate. Skin yellowish white, and waxen-like. Eye with very long and spreading segments, sunk. Stalk long and slender. Flesh translucent, opaline, with a brisk and agreeable acidity. October.