Summer shoots smooth. 1. Skin dark.                             2. Skin palb.

A. Freestones.                          A. Freestones.

D'Agen                                        Autumn Gage Autumn Compote

                        Damas Dronet Cooper's Large

                            Dunmore Early Prolific

                               Jefferson Fotheringham

                              Mamelonne Italian Quetsche

                          St. Etienne Quetsche

                                      St. Martin's Quetsche Red Magnum Bonum

                  Transparent Gage Royal Dauphin

                            White Imperatrice Standard of England

                         B. Clingstones.

Coe's Golden Drop

B.  Clingstones.                        Downton Imperatrice Blue Imperatrice.

                         Emerald Drop Cherry                                          Guthrie's Apricot Ickworth Imperatrice

                   Guthrie's Late Green Imperiale de Milan                     

Mirabelle Tardive Pond's Seedling                           St. Catherine Prince Englebert


Smith's Orleans                           White Magnum Bonum

Yellow Imperatrice

Summer shoots downy.

A.  Freestones.                          Goliath Cheston                                       

Isabella Damas de Septembre                    Precoce de Tours Damson                                       

Prune Damson Diamond                                     Winesour

Diapree Rouge                                  2. Skin pale.

Early Favourite                                  A. Freestones.

Isabella                                        Bleeker's Gage

Perdrigon Violet Hatif                Gisborne's

Bed Perdrigon                             Imperial Gage

Reine Claude Rouge                     Mirabelle Petite

Stoneless                                      Precoce de Bergthold

Victoria                               Washington

Violet Damask                             White Perdrigon

B.  Clingstones.                        White Primordian Belle de Septembre                            b. Clingstones.

Blue Perdrigon                            White Damson

Mitchelson's.—Fruit above medium size, oval, not marked with a suture on the side. Skin black when fully ripe, dotted with a few very minute fawn-coloured dots, and covered with a very thin blue bloom. Stalk half an inch long, stout, and inserted in a depression. Flesh yellow, tender, very juicy, sweet, and of good flavour, separating from the stone. Shoots smooth.

An excellent preserving plum. Ripe in the beginning of September. In general appearance it is like the Diamond, but smaller, and does not possess that very brisk acidity which characterises that variety. It is a prodigious bearer, the fruit being produced in clusters, and it is invaluable as a market plum.

Oullenb' Gage (reine Claude d'Oullens; Reine Claude Precoce).—Fruit not so large as the Green Gage, but of the same shape. When ripe the skin is of a rich yellow colour, dotted with crimson on the side exposed to the sun, and covered with a very delicate white bloom. Stalk three quarters of an inch long, inserted in a rather wide depression. Flesh yellow, very tender and juicy, rich, sugary, and delicious, adhering slightly to the stone. Shoots smooth. Ripe in the middle of August.

This is a remarkably fine dessert plum, and valuable for its earliness. The tree has a robust pyramidal growth.