Large Scarlet. See Violette Hative.

Large White. See White.

Late Green. See Peterborough.

Late Melting.—This appears to be a variety of Peterborough, but the fruit is double the size. Glands kidney-shaped. Flowers small.

This is a very late variety, and is well worth growing in large collections when it is desired to extend the season of this kind of fruit.

Lewis. See Boston.

Lord Selsey's Elruge. See Violette Hative.

Lucombe's Black. See Early Newington.

Lucombe's Seedling. See Early Newington.

Murrey (Black Murrey). — Fruit medium sized, roundish-ovate, enlarged on one side of the suture. Skin pale green on the shaded side, and dark red next the sun. Flesh greenish-white, melting, and richly flavoured. Stone nearly smooth. Glands kidney-shaped. Flowers small.

An excellent variety, ripe in the end of August. Tree hardy, and a good bearer.

Neat's White. See White.

New Dart Newington. See Early Newington.

New Scarlet. See Violette Hative.                               

North's Large. See Old Newington.