Fifteen years ago I published a Manual of Fruits, which at the time included most of the varieties found in nurseries and private gardens. This being favour-ably received, the whole impression was sold within a twelvemonth, and I was repeatedly urged to prepare a new edition.

About that time numerous new varieties of fruits were introduced to British gardens, and it was therefore necessary that their merits should be fairly tested before a new edition could be published of a work professing to furnish information respecting the fruits and fruit trees commonly cultivated in this country.

During the interval that has elapsed I have examined the greater number of the new, and many of the older varieties not formerly included, and I am now enabled to present a work more complete and useful than I could have done had I entered upon it at an earlier period.

In the present volume I have not attempted to enumerate all the varieties of fruits known to exist in the country, but to describe those only which either are in cultivation, or are worthy of being cultivated for their superior merits. In some instances there are sorts mentioned, not because of their excellence, but because of their popularity from long usage, and in such, cases I have stated their true character in comparison with others.

My object has been to prepare a convenient manual of reference for amateur fruit-growers, nurserymen, and professional gardeners, and to condense in a space as small as possible all useful information respecting the varieties of fruits mentioned. I have been particularly careful in regard of the synonymes; and at the end of each of the kinds of fruits I have given selections of varieties for limited gardens, and for different situations and aspects. In most cases I have given a synoptical arrangement of the different fruits by which to facilitate their identification; and I trust that the pains which have been bestowed upon the work generally, will secure for it a favourable reception, and an indulgent consideration for any errors that inadvertently may have occurred.

Robert Hogg.

61, Winchester Street, Pimlico. Sept. 1st, 1860.