American Black. See Black Cap.

D'Anvers a Fruits Ronds. See Hound Antwerp.

Autumn Black.—This is a variety raised by Mr. Rivers from the new race of Black Raspberries which he has for some years been experimenting upon. These Black Rasp-berries are evidently the result of a cross between the Blackberry and the Raspberry, possessing the rambling growth of the former with the large succulent fruit of the latter. The Autumn Black produces from its summer shoots a full crop of medium-sized dark fruit of the colour of the Blackberry, and partaking much of its flavour. Ripe in October.

Babnet (Barnet Cane; Cornwell's Prolific; Cornwell's Seedling; Large Red; Lord Exmouth's).—The fruit is large, roundish-ovate, of a bright purplish-red colour This is larger than the Red Antwerp, but not equal to it in flavour; it is, nevertheless, an excellent variety, and an abundant summer bearer.

Barnet Cane. See Barnet.

Belle de Fontenay (Belle d' Orleans).—An autumn-bearing variety of dwarf-habit, and with large leaves, quite silvery on their under surface. The fruit is large, round, of a red colour, and good flavour. Ripe in October.

The plant is a shy bearer, and throws up suckers so profusely as to be almost a weed; but if the suckers are thinned out it bears better.

Belle d'Orleans. See Belle de Fontenay.

Black.—This is a hybrid between the Blackberry and the Raspberry, and is the parent of all the black autumn-bearing varieties; although itself a summer-bearer. It has long dark-coloured canes, and small purple fruit, with much of the Blackberry flavour. This variety was obtained at Wethersfield, in Essex, upwards of forty years ago, and has since been cultivated by Mr. Rivers, who • has succeeded in obtaining from it his new race of autumn-bearing black varieties.

Black Cap (American Black).—This is the Rubus occidentalis, called Black Raspberry, or Thimbleberry, by the Americans. The fruit has a fine brisk acid flavour, and is much used in America for pies and puddings. It ripens later than the other summer-bearing varieties.

Brinckle's Orange (Orange).—A variety introduced from America, where it is considered the finest yellow sort in cultivation. In this country it is smaller than the Yellow Antwerp, and more acid. The plants throw up an abundance of suckers. It is a summer bearer.

Burley. See Red Antwerp.