This list consists of types of plants which are extremely interesting because of the colour effect of their twigs. A memorandum is indicated opposite each type showing the special colour effect which is produced if the twigs are less than two years old. As twigs grow older the colour of the bark becomes more neutral, and consequently these plants should be frequently pruned in order to produce new growth with its more vivid colour effects.

Acer pennsylvanicum - striped green - white branches Striped Maple

Betula nigra - reddish brown bark Red Birch

Betula papyri/era - white bark Paper Birch

Betula populifolia - white bark American White Birch

Cornus alba - blood-red branches Red-twigged Dogwood

Cornus alba sibirica - coral-red branches Siberian Dogwood

Cornus paniculata - grey bark

Grey Dogwood Cornus sanguinea viridissima - green twigs

Green-stemmed Dogwood Cornus stolonifera fl.aviramm.ea - yellow bark

Golden-twigged Osier Elaeagnus (in variety) - silvery bark

American Olive

Fagus americana - grey bark

American Beech Forsythia viridissima - dark green branches

Dark-green Golden Bell

Kerria japonica - green branches Globe Flower

Platanus orientalis - white bark Oriental Plane

Populus tremuloides - silvery green branches Trembling Aspen

Rosa blanda - reddish purple twigs Meadow Rose

Rosa lucida - reddish twigs Glossy Rose

Rosa lucida alba - greenish twigs White-flowered Glossy Rose

Salix alba - yellowish bark White Willow

Salix vitellina aurea - golden yellow Golden-barked Willow

Salix vitellina britzensis - reddish bronze Hybrid Yellow Willow